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about the brand

What is Homework Letterpress Studio

Homework Letterpress Studio is a small print shop in Edmonton, Canada that brings joy to you and your loved ones, and inspires connection, through the humble greeting card. Each card is created with quality in mind, using 100% cotton paper, and an old-school letterpress machine. Homework’s imagery is inspired by the everyday beauty of nature, the joys of life, and childhood tales from Daria’s upbringing.

About the maker

An artist, printer and designer

Daria Hirny discovered her creative voice through printmaking at the University of Alberta, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts. She later fell in love with letterpress printing, appreciating its ability to produce large quantities while maintaining the quality and textural look of relief printing. The turning point in Daria's artistic journey came when she inherited her first printing press, the illustrious Heidelberg Windmill. This momentous event led her to a realization: that her art could transcend the confines of a gallery setting and find its way into the hearts and homes of everyday individuals. The humble greeting card became her canvas, allowing her to share her creativity with a wider audience, bring joy to people's lives, and spark their inner child.

Ugly duckling

Daria's artistic journey is deeply rooted in her childhood experiences. She hails from Edmonton, AB, Canada and is a first generation Canadian (her parents came from Poland in the 80's). As a child, she displayed a penchant for picture books over written words and found solace in falling asleep with her favourite illustrated book, "The Ugly Duckling," instead of a stuffed toy. Her mother's stories of growing up on a rural farm with the geese, and pigs have influenced Daria's art greatly. These early moments laid the foundation for her commitment to creating art that resonates with the simplicity, curiosity, and imaginative spirit of childhood.

Finding solace in nature

You can find Daria in her garage studio using the Heidelberg Windmill to create art. She shares her days with her beloved dog Poppy and partner Matthew. She tends to her garden, and indulges in the simple pleasure of eating raspberries, her favourite food.
Beyond her artistic pursuits, Daria embraces a well-rounded lifestyle. She nurtures her connection to nature by driving down to the mountains, where she finds solace in back-country hikes and revels in the purity of the natural world. This communion with nature undoubtedly influences and enriches her artistic expression.

About the process

A studio full of old relics

Back in 1476 the Gutenberg printing press was invented and it changed everything. There have been many inventions and iterations over the years and we love them all- especially the ones that bring our illustrations to life.

Currently the studio has a Heidelberg Windmill from 1965, a Chandler and Price Platen from 1910, an Oswego paper cutter from the early 1900's, and a Challenge Paper cutter 305 HB from 1970. There is also a type cabinet packed with a variety of lead type.

Almost all projects are designed on the computer (except for when using lead type!). Once the design is finalized, a photopolymer plate is created and then attached to a base that reaches type-high.

All the inks are mixed by hand with rubber based ink and each design is printed on thick cotton paper. Homework values high quality materials, machines that are built to last, and appreciates any time spent away from the computer by printing or sketching new illustrations.

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This one-woman show

Homework Letterpress Studio is currently a one woman business run by me, Daria. That means I wear all the hats, including the website maker tilley hat, the artist bucket hat, the customer service toque, and the business bowler hat to name a few.

If you would like to contact me just send me a message below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. (Apologies ahead, if it takes me a moment to respond).

If you have questions about wholesale, make sure to visit my wholesale page.

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